About me

MeMy name is Daniela Milton, I have graduated from the State University of Prague, faculty of English and Comparative Literary Studies. I have specialized myself in British classic litterature, performing extensive research and comparative works of William Shakespeare, Robert Burton and Francis Beaumont. It required prolongated studies and certain computing skills (basically used Microsoft Word and Power Point Presentations), as well as a highly meticulous attitude in regards to the structure and the organization of ideas with the aim of creating presentations which would point out each and every aspect of the task at hand.

Goals and achievements
As a result of my five-years long comprehensive researches and studies, and finally displaying all the gathered information into a standard, I have completed a tractate on Shakespeare’s dramaturgy. My work also contains artistic interpretation of literary works (studying big volume of additional information, comparing style figures a.o. ). It is ment to improve the perception of the author’s visions of theatre and dramaturgy of that period. I have gained experience expressing my personal viewpoint , in discussing and leading various topics.

Additional skills
I have taken part at various seminars and debates, which fact has considerably improved my communication skills and developped my proficiency in bringing up social problems and literary methods of that period.
I have also completed a computing course and am now familiar with all aspects of Microsoft Windows and Office including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, as well as with all types of office equipmet.

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